Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Maestro B - It No Matter

Disco mix by Maestro B. This mix was produced on 2x technic 1200 mk2 turntables using a combination of vinyl and timecode.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Maestro B - Technics Groove

Mixshow for 105.7 PulzarFM.
Mixed by hand on 2x Technics 1200mk2 turntables by Maestro B (aka Brent Silby)

Maestro B - Strings of Life

Mixshow for 105.7 PulzarFM by DJ Maestro B (aka Brent Silby).
Mixed by hand on 2x CDJ2000 NXS.

This mix features a new incarnation of the classic "Strings of Life" (the last track in the mix). The original was by Derrek May (1987). This one is by Herve. Much of the original feel remains intact.

Maestro B - All Fall Down (Turntable mix)

Mixed by hand on 2x Technics 1200mk2 turntables

Monday, April 29, 2013

DJ Mixing: Autosync - Automation of an Art, Loss of an Art

DJ Mixing: Autosync

The Automation of an Art, The Loss of an Art


aka DJ Maestro B

There is a split in the DJ world between the traditionalists, who mix manually, and those who use computers to autosync their mixes. It is incredible that such a minute detail has caused so much controversy since laptops started making their way into DJ booths. In this article I will explain my reasons for preferring manually mixed DJ sets.

Before proceeding, I need to make clear a distinction between DJs and controllerists. Controllerists use laptops and midi-controllers to rapidly create new tracks on the fly. They loop sections of music, drop in samples, and cut-up tracks in real time to build new compositions. This article is not directed towards controllerists. My focus is on DJs and the process of DJ-ing in the traditional sense of the word.